Directly Donate

Would you like to donate without sponsoring a family?

Perfect! Every donation big or small greatly impacts the lives of those around us, and can help members of the community feel appreciated and loved. Any Donation amount is welcome from as little as $1 to whatever amount your heart feels is right! The families gifted your wonderful donation will surely appreciate the offering of a Thanksgiving dinner during this crazy holiday season. To learn more about how families are selected, where Direct Donations go to, etc. visit the Questions & Answers page. 

Here are the links to Directly Donate to families for Thanksgiving 2020


Please Include your Email/Contact info as well as specify that you are doing a 'Direct Donation' when making your donation

If asked, the last digits are 7922 when submitting a payment

A huge Thank-you to our Direct Donors! 

Victoria Landon 

 Lisa Yunt

Dallas McGee 

Jasmine Banks 

Terrance Trent 

Elijah Sinclair

Ellie Hsu