There is no denying that the COVID-19 Pandemic has taken a toll on the livelihood of many families. Social distancing and closures meant to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus has impacted a multitude of individuals and groups, one being food-insecure families. Initial response to the outbreak included mass hysteria of panic buying, stocking up on foods and hygiene staples such as toilet paper and cleaning supplies. For many individuals, panic buying is a luxury they cannot afford. Most poverty stricken individuals struggle to simply buy what they need for the immediate future, let alone for a pandemic. As cities and states continue to issue the closing of schools and businesses, many individuals have experienced reduced hours or even job loss all together (Via 

Providing a family with the means of a Thanksgiving dinner cannot only relieve some of the stress the holiday's bring regarding food insecurity, but can give hope back into the hearts of many facing discouragement in these times. Every family should be afforded the opportunity of a nice Thanksgiving meal, and it is with your donation that we can make this happen!

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