Other Ways to Donate

Other ways you are suggested to Donate to the Thanksgiving 2020 project include:

  • Donating Grocery store gift cards from stores such as Fred Myer, Safeway, and Walmart 

  • Donating store bought or non-perishable food items for pick up. This includes but is not limited to: Store bought Pumpkin/Apple Pie, Canned Corn, Disposable tableware, Potatoes, Veggie Trays, etc.                                                                   Due to Covid-19 Home cooked items will not be accepted. 

  • Sharing this page with family and friends!

  • Donating end of the day food items from your place of work or establishment i.e Donating end of the day pastries!

If you believe you can help provide from the ideas in this page, or have an alternative way to donate of your own, visit the Contact page and let us know!

Alternative Donors

Hannah Ness