Questions & Answers 

Where is my money being donated to? 

Your donations will be made to me, Carly Hill, and I along with a team of people will then use that money to purchase Thanksgiving wishlist items for families in need. 

Why am I donating to you directly and not through a third party source like GoFundMe? 

GoFundMe and other like organizations take a percentage of the funds raised and keep it for themselves. By donating directly, you are ensured that one hundred percent of your funds are going towards helping food-insecure families

What is the guarantee my money will be spent solely on food insecure families? 

After you have donated, you will receive an email indicating which family your donation helped provide Thanksgiving dinner for, along with a picture of all of the items donated, as well as a receipt of the items purchased for that family's meal. 

Will these families know that I have donated towards the purchase of their meal? 

Families will be given names of donors, unless requested to remain anonymous. Families will not be given donors contact information, but will be allowed to give a statement to all of the donors that helped provide for their family. The statement will be included in a follow-up email after donation. 

How are these families being selected? 

These families are being selected given that they are members of the local Tacoma/Lakewood/Steilacoom areas, and have been financially impacted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to confidentiality of recipients, the specific selection process will not be revealed. 

What items specifically are we providing to these families? 

Families will be equipped with the necessary ingredients to make a delicious Thanksgiving meal! We have ensured that all families have the facilities in which to cook their meals, and have taken allergies and dietary restrictions into consideration. We will provide Thanksgiving staples such as Turkey, Green Beans, Potatoes, etc. along with side dishes of their choice. We will also be providing beverages and disposable tableware. The specific items bought for each family will be included in the donor's follow-up email. 

Where are these families located? 

Selected families are located in the Tacoma, Lakewood, and Steilacoom areas of Washington State. 

Are you cooking any of the items donated to families?

No. All items will be store-bought, and donated items must be store-bought or gifted by local food banks. 

Are you making any money off of this service project?

No. One hundred percent of the proceeds will be donated towards gifting families in need for Thanksgiving. Any extra money that is raised will be donated to the Tacoma Rescue Mission and financial figures will be sent in the Donor Follow-Up email. 

Will others know of my contribution towards the 2020 Thanksgiving Sponsor-a-Family project?

Unless requested otherwise, names of sponsors will be made available on the Sponsor-A-Family page with their corresponding family. Individual donors will be on the Direct Donations page as well. Those groups/individuals who have chosen an alternative way of donating will be recognized in the Other Ways to Donate page. You are certainly welcome to let others know of your contribution and encourage others to donate as well!

Am I qualified for a tax write-off for donating to this project?

Writing off charitable donations only works for qualified organizations. Due to the fact that this project is not led or sponsored through such an organization, it will not count as a tax-write off. Apologies!

How are the items being delivered to the families? 

My team and I are providing all of the transportation to and from the families homes, so they need not worry how to attain the items. We are working with them to set up times that work with their schedules. 

What COVID-19 safety precautions will be taken in completing this project? 

All eligible packaged/boxed food items exterior's will be disinfected after purchase, temperatures will be taken and masks will be worn by all volunteers before arriving at the drop-off location of the families' home. 

Any other questions? Visit the Contact Page for any additional concerns